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Gilles caron. le conflit intérieur. 713 vues - Depuis le 11/07/2014
Le 11/07/2014

The exhibition “Gilles Caron. The Conflict Within“ presents in one hundred and fifty images and documents (contact sheets, vintage and contemporary prints), loaned by the Fondation Gilles Caron, the Musée de l’Élysée and private collectors, the work of a photojournalist who tirelessly questioned the true purpose of his commitment. Drawing from archives – vintage prints, negatives, contact sheets and old documents – this exhibition offers the ideal opportunity to rediscover one of the most important photojournalists of the second half of the 20th century. Art historian and curator Michel Poivert explains how, in the space of just a few years, Gilles Caron, a passionate and audacious young journalist, made his mark in the world of photography breathing new life into a genre: photojournalism. He founded the photographic agency Gamma in 1968 with Raymond Depardon and rapidly made a name for himself by covering all of the period’s major conflicts: the Middle East, Vietnam, Chad, Northern Ireland, Biafra... Wherever there was fighting, he was there with his camera until one day in April 1970, 5 April to be precise, when he disappeared in Cambodia in a zone controlled by the Khmer Rouge.[...]

GILLES CARON. LE CONFLIT INTÉRIEUR. Château de Tours du 21/06/2014 au 02/11/2014

Au milieu des années 1960, Gilles Caron (1939-1970) entre à l’agence Gamma, qui réunit une génération de reporters soucieux d’indépendance. Le photographe se distingue rapidement par son courage et son talent. En cinq années, avant de disparaître lors d’un reportage au Cambodge, il produit plus de c...

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