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Surface proxy

Surface proxy - Paris

Xpo Gallery is pleased to to present Clement Valla’s first solo exhibition in Europe. The show will include picture surrogates: inkjet prints on linen wrapped around CNC milled foam sculptures. Valla begins with Medieval French architectural and sculptural fragments that have made their way into the collections of museums in New York and Providence, where the artist lives and works. The objects at the various institutions are chosen because they bear visible scars of their transformation from fixed architectural ornaments in France to stand-alone sculptural works in the New York and Providence. The resulting set of objects is structured around themes of ephemerality, permanence, reconstruction, preservation and restoration. In order to reproduce the fragments for his collection, Valla uses a process known as photogrammetry: objects are photographed from multiple angles and a 3d model of the objects is produced by triangulating the multiple images[...]


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